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Susan ruthlessly eliminates a black mucus infection. She isolates the infected girl in a plastic vacuum bag and starts total decontamination of the whole house. Charlie keeps an eye on the vacuumed friend, but his perverse lust is stronger. He makes a hole in the plastic bag with his hard dick and starts to fuck the girl. Before he cums into the breathing tube of the plastic bag, the black mucus gets him too. Damien is next to keep an eye on her and that’s when the black mucus epidemic goes on the attack. Who will survive this black mucus massacre?
File name: hard-extreme.com_perverse-family-vacuum-bed-insulation-3840×2160
Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:07:55
Video: 3840×2160
Audio: 129 kb/s
File size: 732 MB


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