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These pills, these awful pills! He keeps giving them to me. Every night! Then he takes me! Takes me to his dungeon. I know what he wants. That sicko freak! He wants my body. He makes me touch myself. He hits me and violates me.
Then he puts me back in bed. He pretends I’m having nightmares. He tells me I’m dreaming it all, but I know the truth. I know what he’s doing to me. He can’t trick me. The pills make me feel weird. When I take them I can’t stop him. I have to do what he says.
I threaten to tell the doctors, but he’s friends with the doctors. They’ll never believe me. Or maybe they know what he’s doing and they don’t care.
File name: Gaslit – Sasha Heart – Infernal Reastraints
Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:54:42
Video: 1280×720
Audio: 128 kb/s
File size: 2.93 GB


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