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Relaxing after a long day at work, poor Jay has no idea that 2 GIANT AMAZONS are going to POUNCE!
Attacking him from each side of the bed, they quickly grab him and shove their huge hands over his mouth!!
Side straddling him, they pin him down with their thick legs and force him into a HALF NELSON. Pinned to the bed, they crank his back and torque his neck behind their powerful HOMs. The girls work in tandem, crushing him under their collective 400 + weight. All the while, scissoring and chest sitting him until he flails and thrashes, never once releasing the grip over his mouth.
Sometimes it is just Annie’s hands and sometimes it is Layla’s hands, which cover the entirety of his mouth and his nose… As if 1 pair of Amazon Hands weren’t enough; sometimes there are 2!!
Taking his back in rear naked choke + hand over mouth, Annie talks into the poor guy’s ear, flirting and toying with him until she crushes him between her thighs and squeezes his neck. Feeling his shallow breath escape his tightly clasped mouth, it starts to feel more and more like a deflated balloon.
Veins in his neck start to pulse as his heart struggles against the stifled intake of air, as both Annie and Layla, switch muffling and squishing this unlucky business man.
They strip him shirtless and tickle his torso, Annie places his tie around his neck, ch0king him, taunting him with his watch as her hand clamps down, in a head splitting Hand – Over – Mouth.
Both Annie and Laylla wear long sleeved, black leotards, bare legged, bare footed. Jay wears a button up, trousers and tie.


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