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It was over a year ago when ScissorVixens was the FIRST to discover Skylar Rene during one of our Las Vegas (aka ‘Scissor City’) trips. When she showed up to our shoot back then…we knew we hit the jackpot!
So now she’s back during her recent trip to Boston and although every bit as gorgeous as the first time we shot her…now she’s added some more muscle and size onto her spectacular fitness physique. She told us that she is getting ready to do a fitness show and is trying to add more muscle to her upper body and although she has definitely done so it’s obvious she hasn’t neglected her powerhouse legs in the process!
And that is why we knew Skylar Rene was more than ready for one of our SAVAGE SCISSORS videos!
Without a doubt Skylar is substantially stronger than when we first worked with her and that’s saying a lot since she was pretty darn strong the first time around! Now at 5’7″ tall and 150 pounds Skylar had us tapping-out from just about every scissor hold she put us in! But far and away her most potent squeeze was her reverse head scissors both straight and figure-4! I mean…it was pretty much an instant tap-out once she locked us up in any kind of reverse!
And there is one highlight you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!! It involves Skylar Rene showing off the power in her thighs by actually leg-pressing her 150 pound victim up and down for several reps before suddenly spreading her legs only to capture him in a CRUSHING body scissors!
So…check out the stunningly beautiful Skylar Rene in her latest ScissorVixen video titled ‘Skylar’s SAVAGE Scissors!’.


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