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The incredible Goddess of insertions ‘Queen Selene’ returns in another record breaking insertion movie, fucking a gargantuan Cassini dildo and humongous 2 Litre Cola bottle in her ‘Worlds Biggest Pussy’! Selene thrills us with her shocking insertions in every performance, stretching her greedy hole wider with the most gigantic toys and objects, we would never imagine possible in our wildest dilation dreams. Her cavernous cunt is always ravenous and totally devours every dildo ever created, for the most depraved monster cock craving whores. Enjoy watching this thrilling update beginning with Selene mounting the XL Cassini to a stall, ready for her to swallow it to the base. This gigantic toy measures 14” tall x 5” wide, shaped with two bulbous balls along it’s thick shaft, and would strike fear in the heart of any ordinary woman, but Selene is far from ordinary, and she loves feeling this enormous toy stretching her completely full. She straddles her legs either side and sits down to it’s mid shaft, stretching her snatch to it’s widest level but she still wants to feel its head burst up into her womb, so with one hard push she slams her all weight entirely down and bottoms out on its base! HOLY SHIT thats an entire 14” x 5” dildo devoured completely in her greedy cunt without an inch to spare! She grinds around on its base, and rotates her body on it, hitting every pleasurable spot in her humongous hole till she reaches her first climax, and now it’s time for another extreme pussy stretching challenge. Next up, is the 2 litre cola bottle! We’ve seen a few epic insertions with 1.5L bottles in the past, but never a 2litre! Selene stands the Cola bottle on her stall and squats straight down on it with all her weight as her husband holds it’s base. WOW! She’s performed another unthinkable insertion with such ease, devouring the very widest girth of the bottle from its top, and then repeats it from the bottom end too! The end result is a very happy Selene satisfied with her new record breaking penetration that really cannot be missed, if you’re a fan of this enigmatic and highly addictive Goddess!
File name: Queen Selene – Sicflics – Selenes 2L Cola bottle fuck
Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:07:45
Video: 1920×1080
Audio: 254 kb/s
File size: 846 MB


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